Friday, November 6, 2009

Things I'm learning in Japan (in no particular order)

I'm in Yokohama for the Gakki Fair. It's been pretty cool so far. I'm learning a lot about Japan on this trip and I thought I'd post some of those things here. I'm go
ing to add to them as they come to me but here is a start.

1) If you can't read the nutrition information, it must be good for you.
2) Auld Lang Syne is the universal signal for "get the hell out of here" in Japan. They play it whenever they want to make peo
ple leave.
3) Fish testicles are considered food and they taste like cheese.
4) Japan is not the place to come to make you feel better about your
5) Japan has the best candy.
6) Krispy Kreme donuts and Cold Stone Creamery are like crack here and the lines are always ridiculously long.
7) Plum is the default flavor of choice and it's awesome.
8) Fitness is very expensive. One day at the gym at the Intercontinental Yokohama = $50!!!
9) Japanese love their gelatinous desserts.
10) The dark cherry mocha and caramel eclair latte should be brought to American Starbucks STAT.
11) Sausage here is nothing like it is anywhere else. It is more like Canadian bacon with spices.
Part 2
12) Blowfish is tasty.
13) If someone offers you a piece of food with their chopsticks, you should never try to take the food from them with your chopsticks. Let them put it on your plate. When people die and are cremated, the bones are picked up with two pairs of chopsticks. So it's very bad form to handle food this way.
14) Subway offers shrimp footlongs here.
15) The green tea in vending machines is a little intense for my tastes. The peach mango drink on the other hand is incredible.
16) Jetlag lasts forever here.

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