Tuesday, November 11, 2008

L.A. again

I'm sitting in LAX waiting to fly home. It's been a long trip but it's been a good one. I flew here to work the Taxi Road Rally at the Westin. Taxi is an organization for songwriters who pay to be members and in turn can submit their songs for review and possible placement in movies and TV. Every year they have a conference and admission is included in the membership fee. So people came out in droves to listen to the wisdom of established writers, artists and industry folk. It was a very cool vibe and the people were very excited to be there. I was excited to be there because I was there with TC but I also got to meet and network with a ton of people. Here's a picture of the room I was in for the whole weekend. People came in and I showed them how to use TC-Helicon's amazing vocal pedals. I also got to play my songs all day to a captive audience which made me so much more than happy. I haven't felt that inspired in months. People kept asking me why I wasn't successful yet, but I tend to think I'm doing pretty damn great. Oh well. There's always something more to reach for so I've decided that my next goals will be to release a fully produced album and get some songs placed. There has to be a home for them somewhere, right?

Sometimes I wonder what I'm supposed to say when people tell me they like my songs.

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Ryan said...

Funny you should say that you sometimes don't know what to say when people say they like your songs. I bet you already say "Thank you," and I bet folks appreciate that.

I have often wondered what to say if I met someone whose music I love - I figure (at least for a bigger star) there's probably not much they haven't heard before, and they must hear the same thing again and again. So I wonder what I can say that's short and sweet and genuine that doesn't just sound like everything else they've heard.